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Whether you are a church, a ministry, a non-profit organization, or a small business, we would love the opportunity to help you develop or enhance your web presence!


A Few Words About Us

McDonald Family

Doodlebug Web Design is an offshoot of our web ministry to churches, minsitries, and non-profits. As a public school music teacher, John McDonald served as the technology coordinator for the last two schools he taught. He was sent to numerous technology conventions and conferences where he learned the fundamentals of web design.

After being called into the ministry, we realized that most churches were being charged way too much for their hosting, domain registration, and design fees. In an effort to help the church be a better steward of the funds they had available, we launched doodlebugdomains.com in the spring of 2005.

Doodlebug Domains offers discounted hosting and domain registration, with hosting plans starting at only $3.99 per month. And all of our plans include:

  • Our World-Class Data Center
  • Online set-up and instant account activation
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • 24x7 FTP Access
  • Best-of-Breed Routers, firewalls and servers
  • Web Site Statistics
  • Free Setup!
  • Daily Backups
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • 24x7 Email & Web-Based Tech Support
  • 24x7 Physical Security

Doodlebug Domains - Serving the needs of Churches, Ministries and Non-Profits

Website Design

With Doodlebug Web Design, unlike some design firms, you will meet directly with and have direct communication with your designer. With many design companies, you will only meet with a sales person and they will usually be your only contact. We believe this just breaks down the communication channels between us and you, so you will always have the personalized care of the designer. This speeds up the web design process as well as giving you the design that you want. And if it's not exactly the way you want it, we'll change it. It's just that simple!

Each one of our customers has a unique idea regarding the design of their website. We try our best to incorporate that uniqueness into the website that we create. It is our duty to provide our customers with the website that is what they have envisioned. It is the distinct quality of our websites that sets our work apart from other web site designers.

Website Redesign

Not getting the results you want? Have you noticed that your competitor's website looks a lot better than yours? Maybe you need a change of scenery... new colors, more content, better navigation. You really should change your website's design at least once a year. In other words, website redesign is what you need.

The look of your site can make or break you. This is no joking matter. You have only seconds to make that first impression... and if it's not a good one, you've lost a potential customer. Attention to detail and good design sense can go a long way, and contrary to what someone may have told you, you do not need lots of bells and whistles to entertain your visitors. A simple, well designed site is generally the winning combination.


Who We Are

McDonald Crest 
The McDonald Family Crest

Now based in Southcentral Kentucky, we have web design clients in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and New York.

John's passion is to help churches, ministries, and non-profits have an affordable and attractive web presence. He teaches Fine Arts at Belmont Elementary in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

John's wife, Laura, assists with design schemes, site proofing, and record keeping. All three of their children have shown interest in learning how to build websites.

The company's name, "Doodlebug", comes from John's mother. Her father gave her the nickname "Doodle" as a child because she crawled backward like a doodlebug.




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